Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager

Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager 1.1

Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager lets us manage the items on our Startup

Scott's Windows Startup Program Manager, as its name indicates, is a free program that gives us the opportunity to view and fully manage all the items that we have installed in our Windows Startup. This utility can be very helpful and convenient for advanced users as it provides an instant access to our Startup entries so we can remove/kill any annoying application, which might keep connecting to the Internet, advertisement popup windows, and similar startup pests. It is very easy to get rid of these unwanted items. We just select the item we want to remove and click on the delete button. We can also customize our Windows Startup and add as much entries as we like, for example, if every time we load Windows, we want our Jukebox to open so we can listen to our favorite music, we can do so by using the "add startup entries" menu. The user interface is quite simple and user-friendly. It features a toolbar with three options: file, settings, and help. We can choose to view all the entries, or filter them by root, or/and by key. It is possible to print the list, set the program to check automatically for changes to the registry, add the program to startup, etc.

Review summary


  • Completely Free
  • Very easy-to-use
  • We can easily add/remove startup entries
  • No adware,spyware,viruses


  • None
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